Care instructions-

Weavings are fragile and are each handmade with lots of love and care. Excessive bending or pulling can tear or break the piece. If you need to dust; wipe gently with a soft cloth or gently shake and tap the back for the weaving. Lint rolling can pull the fibers apart.

Flax roving pieces-

With shipping, the roving can get flattened out. Use a fine tooth comb and lightly brush through to fluff back out. Some fibers will comb out but it will not changed the look. 


All sales are final.


Lost or Stolen-

Zoerb & Co. is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please make sure that all addresses are correct at time of purchase. Zoerb & Co. will not refund orders due to loss or stolen package.



If item is damaged please reach out to discuss replacement options. 



All items will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

Please note if item is made to order. Made to order items can take up to 2-3 weeks to ship out. 

Weavings with horse hair do get packed very tight in a box with bubble wrap so the piece does not shift and mangle the ends of the hair.